Luxury Home Staging - Is Physical or Virtual Staging Better?

Multi-million dollar home sellers around the country don’t have to choose anymore between paying up to $200K for a celebrity stager or to get uninspired virtual staging, done overseas.

Ilaria Barion — a celebrity stager — has successfully owned a physical staging company as well as a virtual staging one. Her new venture, Ilaria Barion Design, combines top-notch staging expertise and high-end design with a digital implementation, for amazing results at a fraction of the cost of hiring a luxury home stager.

“You need somebody who knows what they’re doing to appeal to multi-million dollar home buyers,” says Barion. "If you don't have the budget to hire a luxury physical stager, a $30 color-by-numbers virtual staging is not an alternative.”

According to recently published articles in New York and San Francisco, hiring a professional to stage a luxury home ranges from $30K to $200K.

“What can you possibly expect when you’re paying $30 to virtually stage a room?” asks Barion. “You get a tech person in Vietnam or India who knows nothing about staging luxury real estate. When millions are at stake, that’s a really unwise choice.”