The Misconception of Virtual Staging Software

Agents today have many choices when it comes to virtual staging, a few of them being “do it yourself” virtual staging software applications. The common misconception about these programs is that they can produce a virtual staging with the click of a mouse. This is simply not true. Out-of-the-box 3D rendering programs are extremely limited in many aspects. They tend to lack the variety, volume, and style of furniture. The programs alone cannot produce the realism it takes to get the attention of a potential buyer. No one wants to live in a “cartoon” and an unrealistic quality of the 3D furniture can put-off prospective buyers. More importantly, to stage a home — physically or digitally — you need a professional stager. Home staging, whether physical or virtual, is not about filling a space with furniture. The goal is to create an emotional connection with the potential buyers and help them envision a lifestyle. Only a professionally staged design and photo-realism, which is truly customized for the property, can achieve that.