Is Virtual Staging Deceiving?

The answer is DISCLOSURE. Home staging, physical or virtual, helps buyers see what a home COULD be. As long as virtually staged pictures are clearly marked online, and shown next to the original ones, this is a non issue. I have been staging luxury real estate since 2005. Ilaria Barion Design is a boutique firm that combines physical home staging expertise with the best digital tools to market luxury real estate. We choose to implement our designs digitally over a physical staging, because it’s the most cost-effective way to present a property. Most buyers would rule out a home with dated furniture because they can’t see past it. We show them what it could look with different furniture. If buyers can’t see past a dated kitchen, we show them what the kitchen could look like with a small investment such as new cabinets color or countertops. If buyers cannot see past the bold red wall-paper on the walls, we show them what the room could look with a neutral palette. All the top real estate firms in the country use virtual staging, most pay for it. All our clients clearly mark the pictures as “virtually staged” and show the original pictures online as well. Unless sellers in New York or San Francisco have a $50-100K budget to remodel a luxury home and furnished it, virtual home staging is the best marketing tool to show a home potential. Just disclose it.