Not all pictures are the same. The pictures of a multi-million dollar home can make or break a multi-million dollar deal.


Staging a luxury home is not the same as staging a small rental unit. While we believe that any property is worthy of a great home staging, luxury home buyers are demanding and the staging should be on target. A flat fee for virtual staging inevitably means that high-end homes get the same low-end staging created for cheaper units. 

When millions are at stake, that's a really unwise choice.


We don't use digital furniture sets and we don't ask you to do the staging. We do all the work for you.

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We take the time to custom design each STAGING.


3 levels of service: Classic, Luxury and Ultra-Luxury.

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The more photos you order, the less the cost per photo.

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Select the service that is right for your listing.


For a complete remodel, digital landscaping, a new pool, a new kitchen or any other special projects and architectural rendering please contact us  to receive a quote. We can make any vision come true.