Staging a two- or three-bedroom apartment can cost about $20,000 to $30,000, not including the cost of moving and storing existing furniture. Staging a much larger apartment, or a townhouse, can cost $100,000 or more.
— The New York Times, The Art of Home Staging, January 2016

Multi-million dollar home sellers around the country don’t have to choose anymore between paying up to $200K for a celebrity stager or getting an uninspired virtual staging.

We combine top-notch home staging expertise, and high-end design, with an amazingly photo-realistic digital implementation. The result is a luxury home staging that appeals to the most discerning buyers, while saving home sellers 90% of the cost of hiring a physical stager.

$11 Million New York City

$11 Million New York City



Our background is marketing and our focus is selling — not decorating. Our process starts with analyzing the specific market, the target audience and the competition to figure out the best strategy to make your listing shine.


Once we are clear on the strategy, we move to the staging design process. It includes anything from cosmetic work, to furniture placement, color palette and style. No detail is left to chance.


Finally, instead of a physical remodel and installation, our process is completed digitally. A digital implementation of our staging design will give you much more flexibility than a traditional physical staging and save you 90% of the costs.


Choose the service that is right to market your listing.