Luxury Virtual Staging for Empty Homes

Empty rooms look sterile and smaller than they are. Furniture helps buyers envision the size of the property and, more importantly, the lifestyle. But you need somebody who knows what they’re doing to appeal to multi-million dollar home buyers. If you don’t have the budget to hire a luxury physical stager, a $30 color-by-numbers virtual staging is not an option.

IBD combines superior home staging expertise and high-end design with state-of-the-art digital implementation to create the most enticing, powerful and effective virtual staging for luxury real estate that results in higher traffic and faster sales.


Virtual Furniture Replacement and Cosmetic Work

Is the style too taste specific? We can transform any room to broaden its appeal.


Virtual Landscaping and Outdoor Staging

An outdoor space is a seller, especially in city dwellings. We can add any type of landscaping, outdoor furniture and even a pool.


Architectural Rendering Service

The service combined the most realistic 3D rendering with our luxurious virtual staging. Perfect to start marketing new construction homes before they are completed or to show the potential of an estate unit.


DAY TO DUSK Virtual Staging

Most people don't get home until it's dark. We can turn our "Day" Staging into a "Night" Staging without the cost of hiring a photographer twice.


For a complete remodel, digital landscaping, a new pool, a new kitchen or any other special projects and architectural rendering please contact us  to receive a quote. We can make any vision come true.