Pictures are the most important element of marketing a home.


The pictures of a multi-million dollar home can make or break a multi-million dollar deal.

Staging a luxury home living room is not the same as staging a bedroom of a rental unit. While we believe that any property is worthy of a great home staging, not only luxury homes, luxury home buyers are different and the staging should be different.

A flat fee per picture for virtual staging inevitably means that high-end homes get the same "color-by-numbers" virtual staging created for cheaper units. 

When millions are at stake, that's a really unwise choice.


We take the time that is needed to create the most enticing, powerful and cost-effective staging for any property and offer you the option to choose the level of service.


We offer different levels of luxury virtual staging based on the expertise of the designer, the type of property, size of the room and the staging needed.

We work as a traditional stager up until the implementation. We choose to implement our design digitally over a physical staging, because it’s the most cost-effective way to give life to our imagination. If a complete remodel, a pool, or a new kitchen is the best way to show-case the potential of a home, we can do it.  


Select below the service that is right for you.

  • Celebrity Staging $899 for properties worthy of hiring a celebrity stager

  • Luxury Staging $299 for properties worthy of hiring a luxury stager

  • Classic Staging $199 for a beautiful look that doesn't equal a high price

We offer corporate discounts. Call us to inquire about it.


For a complete remodel, digital landscaping, a new pool, a new kitchen or any other special projects and architectural rendering please contact us  to receive a quote. We can make any vision come true.